I like badgers. And I have 120 of them in my collection. Badger Trap is set amongst an array of soft toys, ornaments, hot water bottles, fridge magnets and beer bottle stickers, each with its own story and sentimental value. Discover the root of this obsession and see where the badgers have taken me through life. Behind the closed doors of my domestic dwelling, my badgers are protected, but out there in the British countryside, it’s a different picture. As bovine tuberculosis ravages cattle, affecting the livelihoods of farmers and rural communities, something must be done. But is it really the badgers who are wholly to blame? The badgers out there are on the frontline, taking the brunt.

“The show has a disarming charm about it and explores themes of legacy, care and cruelty.” – Miranda Cromwell

A one woman, autobiographical show, Badger Trap looks at the British countryside, political decision making, farming practices and what happens when something you love is under threat. And all from the domestic window of a woman caught in a ceramic badger overload.

If you’re into the Really Wild Show, then Badger Trap is for you. Think Michaela Strachan meets animal activist and rock god Brian May at the local collectors fair/ bring and buy sale, as we combine a homemade Attenborough documentary with the best of the show and tell.

“There is something special and unique about how Jasmine tells stories and presents her ideas” – Liesel Corp